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What is CAMS?  中文說明

CAMS stands for Computer Aided order Management System.

CAMS captures trading instructions from several parties namely Account Executives, Investors, and Risk Controllers, and then routes these instructions to the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx) for matching with orders from other broker firms via the Open Gateway (OG), which is provided by the exchange.

CAMS is a TELE-TEXT information terminal with full order processing functions.

CAMS is for broker firms with many account executives (A/E) who are placing orders by them-selves instead of calling the dealing room to process their instructions indirectly.

CAMS is for broker firms with branch offices and allow many staffs to input order instructions to the exchange without delay.

CAMS is for investors to input order instructions to a broker firm and route their instructions to the HKEx automatically after risk checking by the system.

CAMS is a message based trading system which accepts message-based order instructions from other order processing systems, thus acting as an intermediate routing point between other organizations and the Hong Kong Exchange. 

What can CAMS do?

It is an electronic trading platform with STP (straight through processing) function, always named as the front end trading system of a broker firm.

CAMS has all the risk control functionalities available for the back office system, making this front end trading system (CAMS) a perfect and reliable platform to manage all order transactions.

CAMS has a data synchronous mechanism to work with the back office system so that

  • Whatever happen to the back office will be presented to the front end trading terminals.
  • Similarly, all fully filled orders are updated in the back office system so that all settlement staffs can handle settlement job with no gray area on risk control.

CAMS is an integrated system.

Client or A/E (Account Executives) order instructions are verified by the high speed risk control logic, and routed to the HKEx so feedbacks can be immediately sent to the investor, including status such as partially or fully filled orders.

Reject reasons are also provided in terms of the HKEx standard message.

In case of critical conditions when client's available balance is below a prescribed level, the order instruction will be routed to the risk controller (or supervisor) for authorization or rejection.

Certain criteria can be set up to speed up the order process such as rejecting order instructions on invalid board lot size, or unaccepted price spread.

On line TELE-TEXT is a must for a trading system.

CAMS extracts market data from the HKEx directly through the OG and presents it to the user via a tele-text screen, which can be used instead of information terminal supplied by information suppliers. Speed and accuracy are guaranteed with no intermediate connections.

CAMS also works with TELE-TEXT from other market data such as e-finet

e-finet Integration

to learn more about the new e-finet integration and how it can improve your workflow!

Since CAMS is data-synchronized with the back office system, soon after market close the back office system will be able to produce statements in printed format, e-mail format, and also as a web side statement that allows investors to obtain trading records with minimum delay.

CAMS Video Tutorial

to watch our brand new CAMS Tutorial Movies!

We urge you to participate in the evaluation of CAMS based on our own-built mini-exchange where you can play with as if you are trading in an live environment.  

You will appreciate what we mean by integration.

To try our demonstration, please

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