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You are now in this demo area. You can try our CAMS system for virtual trades. i.e. You place order to a broker ( #8888), or 2 brokers (#8888, & #9999) which are not actually exists. We build this testing environment for users to evaluate the CAMS system.

We allow you to make trades to two brokers so that you can see your order instructions are presented on the broker queue of the tele-text screen provided by CAMS, an optional function without additional cost.

The virtual stock market will be opened at 6:30pm on the previous evening to 4:30pm
of the trading date (this is not normal hours) extended to allow users to perform  evaluation after office hour.
  • Stock Market Opening Hour :
     From 6:30pm on previous trade day to  4:30pm of to-day.
    (Monday market will be from Friday 6:30pm to Monday 4:30 pm)
  • Back Office Housekeeping :4:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Email Statement distribution should be available around 6:30pm
  • Web Statement should be available around 6.30pm
This means that you will get statement soon after market close.

Before you can make virtual trades, we need to setup

  1. Some Account Executive accounts,
  2. Manager/Risk Controller Accounts, and
  3. Several investors accounts
so that you know how CAMS manage orders from different parties.

We assign account to your because we do not allow other user to input data to your account so that you can get a realistic result.

CAMS means Computer Aided Order Management System. This is a 'MUST HAVE' tools for securities brokers, banks, and investment companies.

Setup Accounts of CAMS

Well, please printout an Account Opening Form, fill-in with

1. Email address where you want CAMS to send you EMAIL STATEMENT every
     day soon after market close.

    If you do not fill in email address, you can still read result from WEB
which shows all result done by you.

2. Your return FAX so that we can send you account numbers, and passwords, you
     need them to start testing, and read your web statement.

The reason to have several types of accounts because CAMS allow Managers to perform approval of over-due transactions. (such as those exceeded the trade limited of an A/E). This means that, you may have several person logon to CAMS to demonstration with different positions (as a Client, an A/E, a supervisor .etc)

Account with initial as 'A', such as Axxxxxx are CASH TYPE CLIENT.
'C' Cxxxx are A/E, or MANAGERS.
depending on the user profile within CAMS

After you get the account list for testing, you need to download CAMS program to your computer. Please click on the link on the left of this page to download the CAMS Program. It is a simple process, and you can read INSTALLATION GUIDE of CAMS for details.

In fact, we are very much delighted to answer your question. Please call 23918816.

Please feel free to call 23918816, Mr Kelvin Pang, or Francis Fu for assistance.
You can email to Mr. HP Chan, Director at hpchan@popsoft.com.hk for any  suggestion or complain.

Brief Features of CAMS

  1. Allow A/E to place order instruction directly to market
  2. Allow Supervisor to control overdue transactions, perfect risk control
  3. Allow Investor to place order and watch straight through process ordering to the market.
  4. Build in tele-text with price update and broker queue.
  5. All price and market information are from directly from the market (from HKEX via OG), save cost for information vendors.
  6. Integrated with Back Office System, whatever happen at the back end, appears on the front end trading terminals.
  7. All filled order are posted to the back office system, no waiting, and no manual input.
  8. Support Chinese Conponent
  9. Support Email Statement
  10. Support Web Statement

CAMS system employ sophisticated risk control logic to provide on-line real time result for use by investor, A/E, and Risk Control Officer (or Manager) use. No body will have excused for overlook the control of client's orders.

CAMS employ message based communication technology and thus allow worldwide installation with unlimited expandability.

Communication Securities are built within the application program with control resource provided by operating system such as Window NT/2000/XP.

Load Balance option are implemented so CAMS grow with your business without theoretical limitation. Simply add server, to double or triple your business size.

Web Statement

After you make transactions with those demonstration accounts, you will get email statement and you can read statement details on web site.

Remember that you can place order to broker #8888 and #9999, and therefore you
need to visit the corresponding web site to read statements.

The two brokers are listed here and you can click to visit them

Email Statement

After market close, POP will send out email statements to the email address provided by you. If you do not receive, please let us know. It may be data entry mistake.
After we make the amendment, you will receive email statements.

You see, if you have similar complain from your client, check if you have entered wrong email information first. 

This  link shows a statement Sample to be received
by your client.

Room 604,
Belgian Bank Building,
721-725 Nathan Road, Mong Kok.

Tel: 2391-8816 Fax: 2390-9385

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