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CAMS users can now improve their productivity by using the new seamless integeration between e-finet and CAMS.

e-finet is embedded in the CAMS user interface, making all kinds of market information readily available at the user's fingertips.

The integration speeds up the order-inputting process by automatically filling in the order form when the user double-clicks on a price in the e-finet window. This gives the user a valuable time advantage in the ever-competitive stock market.

The user can also navigate to different stocks through the user interface of either CAMS and e-finet. Simply enter the stock number in the CAMS order form as e-finet will show information on the specified stock.

The e-finet link also saves hassle by remembering the user's e-finet user ID and password. Just launch CAMS and go!

As well, since e-finet is working as part of the CAMS user interface, the use can hide or show market information with the click of a button.

To try out the new e-finet link, download and install our CAMS demonstration then follow these steps to enable the e-finet link.

Order CAMS now, and enjoy the advantages over your competitors!

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