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Movie Version

CAMS Tutorial Movies (1024 x 768)
For Account Executives and VIP Customers:
Chapter One Interface Introduction
Chapter Two Order Placing
Chapter Three Portfolio Listing
Chapter Four Web Statement
Chapter Five Teletext
Chapter Six Order Placing with Teletext
Chapter Seven Order Placing with e-Finet
Chapter Eight - 1 Custom Settings - 1
Chapter Eight - 2 Custom Settings - 2
Chapter Nine Order Form - Client Alias
Chapter Ten Order Form - Working With Dealer
Chapter Eleven - 1 Order Approval - AE
Chapter Eleven - 2 Order Approval - Supervisor
Download chapter 1-11 here (36.6MB)
For Dealers: 
Chapter Twelve System Control and Reports Viewing
Chapter Thirteen Orders Handling
Download chapter 12-13 here (6MB)
For System Administrator: 
Chapter Fourteen Introduction and Accounts Management
Chapter Fifteen/a> Market Closing and Reports Viewing
Chapter Sixteen Orders and Stocks Administration
Chapter Seventeen/a> Data Synchronization Online (DataSync.NET)
Download chapter 14-17 here (17.1MB)
If you have problem viewing the movies with your own viewer, please download the Camtasia Player here, or download the required TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) for your own player here.



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